The Top 4 Things To Look For In A Plasma Tv

The Top 4 Things To Look For In A Plasma Tv
By Jim Johnson
If you have ever seen a plasma TV screen displaying HDTV programming, you know why so many people are rapidly discarding their old CRT type televisions and getting ready for the digital TV revolution. Plasma TVs produce such sharp, crisp images that they make perfect companions to the new HDTV standards that will be widely used in the coming months and years ahead. So if you happen to be in the market for a plasma TV here are the top 4 things to consider as you shop:

1. Determine if it is indeed a plasma TV, or just a plasma monitor. A plasma TV already has the tuner built in to receive it's own television signals and it usually has it's own built in speakers. Plasma monitors on the other hand, are just simply large display screens without the tuner and speakers. If you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, you can use their tuner for programming, but you will still need speakers. Just understand what you are buying beforehand.

2. Is the set HDTV enabled? Since HDTV promises to be in full swing very shortly, you don't want to miss this great leap in TV viewing quality by not having a plasma TV that is at least ready and able to process the HDTV signals sent to it. Again, if you subscribe to cable or satellite TV you will be able to receive HDTV broadcasts as they make them available, but just make sure that your plasma display can indeed process high definition signals.

3. Choose in advance your mounting system. Will you mount the plasma TV to the wall, or will you use a stand instead? Don't forget that just getting the television is only part of the expense. Since most plasma screens sold are in the larger sizes, they will have to be supported by either a stand or wall mount because of their thin configuration. So make your choice and factor in this added expense beforehand.

4. Consider an extended warranty. Often extended warranties for electronics are not really as cost effective as they may seem, but especially for high cost items, they can be useful. Plasma TVs are not cheap, and they are not cheap to repair either, so buying an extended warranty that will cover you for needed repairs later on can be a good investment in this case.

Using a few simple guidelines such as these as you shop for plasma TVs can help you make better buying decisions and save money as you do.

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