Should You Buy Your Hdtv Online Or Offline?

Should You Buy Your Hdtv Online Or Offline?
By Jim Johnson
After you have done your research and decided on the HDTV model that you think will best fit your needs and wants, it's time to decide where to actually make the purchase. In times past, you really didn't have much of a choice, and the local electronics retailer is probably the only place you could go. But the internet has made online shopping so much easier and better, so the question now is should you buy online or offline?

Actually, it's usually a good idea to go to the local electronics store to get a physical demonstration of almost any TV that you are thinking about buying. That's a huge advantage that offline retailers have, you can actually physically examine the merchandise before the sale. However, if it is one of the large electronics store chains, most often the service will not be all that good, and don't expect the sales staff to be very knowledgeable either. They are often low paid salespeople who are not hired for their knowledge of the products and the high turnover rate often prevents you from speaking to a very experienced person. They also are usually more concerned with selling the product they want you to buy rather than the product that you want to buy, so their opinions will often not be impartial. So these kind of stores are usually only good for doing research and gathering product data.

The higher line electronics stores can be great sources of information, and the service is usually much better there, but you pay for all of that, as the prices for comparable products will often be much higher than at the retail chains.

Online retailers can vary dramatically and run the gamut from johnny-come-latelys to well-established, trustworthy merchants. The one big advantage that online retailers have over their offline counterparts is considerably lowered overhead costs. That means that they do not have to make as much profit on each sale to stay in business as the offline stores do. The savings are then passed on to you. Because HDTVs are a high dollar purchase to begin with, the extra costs associated with shipping are most often offset by the fact that you don't have to pay sales tax on the product.

The main things to keep in mind about online retailers is the need to stick with those that have been in business for a long time. That indicates stability in their business practices. It is also good to do business with merchants who are authorized dealers for the brands that they sell. Again, that speaks more to the quality of the whole operation that you are dealing with.

In general then, if you do enough research beforehand online to get a good working knowledge of the HDTV products that are available, and then visit a local store to actually demo them, you can then save considerable amounts of money by buying your preferred model online from a well-established, reputable retailer.

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