Hdtv Projectors

HDTV Projectors
By Ken Marlborough

HDTV, also known as High Definition Television, is the future of the DTV transition. This transmits pictures with high resolution, which is twice higher than the analog TV or DVDs. HDTV projector is a specialized device for displaying the HDTV.

Today, HDTV projectors are used in various areas. This includes entertainment, business presentations, seminars, and also for public display. HDTV projector can be an addition to your home theater system as the HDTV projector is equipped to receive the HDTV.

Basically, HDTV projectors come in three different forms; DLP (stands for digital light processing) HDTV projector, LCD (liquid crystal display) HDTV projector, and LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) HDTV projector. Among the three types, the LCOS is the latest trend in HDTV display. The cost of a HDTV projector will fluctuate based on the type. On an average, a DLP HDTV projector will cost $2,000 and more. While an LCD HDTV projector will cost less than $2,000 and an LCOS HDTV projector will approximately cost $5,000 and more.

To meet the varying needs, HDTV projectors come in a wide variety of sizes, weights, and technical features. HDTV projectors can be availed with a contrast ratio ranging from 1500:1 to 8000:1. Commonly, HDTV comes in two formats; 1080i and 720p (where "i" stands for interlaced, and "p" stands for progressive.) But, the advanced HDTV projectors come with 1920x1080 internal resolutions. Thus, this type of projectors can display 1080i with maximum clarity and it will cost $20,000 and more. Mostly, the HDTV projectors are compact in size and are very easy to operate.

Different brands of HDTV projectors are available in the market today. Some of the top brands are Sony, Mitsubishi, Dukane, Sharp, and Panasonic. Mostly, all the types and brands of the HDTV projectors are complemented with different warranty periods, A/V cables, remote control, and more. Depending on the availability, the HDTV projectors can be availed from dealers, local outlets, or online stores.

While purchasing a HDTV projector, it is always recommended to check the projector?s compatibility with other systems in the house like VCRs, DVD players, surrounding sound components and standard TV systems. If this is done, the HDTV projector will display pictures with high resolution, thus giving you a cinematic ambience and feel. http://www.z-HDTV.com HDTV provides detailed information on HDTV, Plasma HDTV, HDTV Antennas, HDTV Reviews and more. HDTV is affiliated with http://www.i-HomeTheaters.com Home Theater Projectors.

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